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StoriesbyMee Stickers

Size։ 5.75x8.25

Sheets։ 2

Children's Age։ 0-8

Number of pieces։ 20

 4.95 AUD

Product Description

These stickers are perfect for exploring your creativity and decorating notebooks, greeting cards and anywhere else you want to stick them!

With 20 stickers in total on 2 separate sheets, you can bring these characters to life and enjoy the fun that they bring through play and exploration.

Other Products

Yay! Yay! Holiday!

A story about the fun had when travelling with family.
 15.00 AUD

Hooroo, Ta-Ta, Bye-Bye!

A story about saying goodbye for now and not forever․
 14.95 AUD

3 Books combo

"Hooroo, Ta-Ta, Bye-Bye!" "My Fair Dinkum Dad" "Yay! Yay! Holiday!"
 35.00 AUD
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