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3 Books combo

 35.00 AUD

Product Description

“Hooroo, Ta-Ta, Bye-Bye!” book is about Courtney is only 3 years old but demonstrates resilience, strength, responsibility and respect in every aspect of her life.

The book, “My Fair Dinkum Dad”, touches on themes such as family, making connections, curiosity and acceptance with plenty more Australian references throughout.

"Yay! Yay! Holiday!" is the 3rd book in the series 'Storiesbymee' which follows the lives of 2 young koalas on a holiday adventure with their cousins

Other Products

Colouring Book

A great book filled with hours of entertainment!
 7.95 AUD

Counting with Courtney

A story representing numbers from 1 to 10 in a fun way.
 15.00 AUD

StoriesbyMee Stickers

2 x sheets of stickers with characters from the books.
 4.95 AUD
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